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Issues of concern

Please also look at Public Affairs for greater detail on some issues

Charities Act

  • End of 'exception' for churches registration as charities. Registration of all with income in excess of £100k by October 2007
  • The meaning of 'public benefit' for the churches

Equalities Act

  • Anti-discrimination in the provision of goods and services regulations re. sexual orientation.
  • Anti-discrimination regulations re. age in employment  -  its impact on retirement
  • Anti-discrimination regulations re. religion and belief
  • Discrimination Law Review  -  ensuring that any single Bill remains true to the original legislation

Employment status of ministers of religion

  • Employees or office holders? Pressure from unions is for ministers to be regarded as employees and thereby be subject to employment legislation - be assured appropriate conditions of employment and rights to legal processes in connection with their employment. The nature of ministry is challenged. Churches are not against treating their ministers fairly.