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Chaplaincy in the National Health Service
Health Care Chaplains are employed by NHS and Primary Care Trusts and authorised for ministry by their respective denominations or faith communities.  They are employed to meet the spiritual and / or religious needs of people of all faiths, philosophies of life or none
A Free Church chaplain is an integral member of the chaplaincy team (ecumenical and sometimes multifaith). He or she shares fully in ministry to all patients and staff and to the institution, while having a particular brief for Free Church patients.
Arrangements for the Free Churches
All health care chaplaincy matters are delegated from the Free Church denominations to the Free Churches Group and are handled on their behalf by the Health Care chaplaincy Steering Committee and its Secretary. A Free Church chaplain represents all the churches within the Free Churches Group.
Eligibility for Free Church Chaplaincies
Applicants must be ministers of one of the Free Churches Group member churches. (Members of the Methodist Diaconal Order and some accredited lay people are also eligible). . (Members of the Methodist Diaconal Order and some accredited lay people are also eligible).
Vacancies and Advertising
Part Time vacancies are made known locally to all Free Church ministers. [Click for Guidelineson nominations procedures.]on nominations procedures.]
Whole time vacancies open to Free Church applicants are normally advertised in the Methodist Recorder and the Baptist Times ( and sometimes in Reform). United Reformed Church Synod Moderators are circulated with details. Contact us for advice about applying for whole time posts.

AdvertisementsThe phrase to use for advertisements is 'ministers of the member churches of the Free Churches Group - Churches Together in England'. Contact the Joint Church Press (tel 020 7251 8414) to advertise.) to advertise.
Commending a member of a church to a chaplain
For names of chaplains and contact information, telephone the office: 020 7529 8130
or email
or email

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