A foundation document for the Churches Together model. More ...
Who is my neighbour?
A Church response to social disorder linked to gangs, drugs, guns and knives More ...
One Light One World
Unity and the Scriptures Free copies More ...
Enriching Communion
Bill Snelson explores non eucharistic communion More ...
Church Resource Pack
Help your church focus on issues around the 200th anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act More ...
Group discussions from the Spirituality Group More ...
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Who is My Neighbour? - new publication

A church response to social disorder linked to gangs, drugs, guns and knives

Also available to download here

£5.00  purchase

One light: one world

Texts in support of the search for the unity of the Church, marking the Centenary of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 
Available to download here

Notes to accompany these texts have been written by John Bradley - download


Equipping Your Church in a Spiritual Age

This workbook aims to help church groups understand contemporary spiritualities and gives many practical ideas to suit every type of church

ISBN: 0-8516-9314-8

Email Lorraine Shannon for pdf version


Linking Churches and Schools

A resource exploring the Why? and the How? written by Gillian Wood and published by Churches Together in England


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What is this place?

Six Bible Studies exploring issues around violence against women. The studies follow the "journey" which a woman experiencing violence may make, from recognition of her situation to making a new beginning. They are linked by the story of Hagar, in Genesis Chapters 16 to 21.
ISBN 1 874295 24 7

£2.00 purchase
Hospitality of the Heart

A 12-page A5 Booklet, 4 Bible Studies to help inter-faith understanding, with notes, questions, illustrations, and useful ideas for follow-up

This publication is currently out of print.  To download from the website click here



A challenging booklet for group discussion. The parable of the Good Samaritan is the starting point for an exploration of neighbours in a variety of contexts - the community, in churches and in the wider faith communities.

 £1    purchase

Such a Feast - a shared experience (leaflet)
This leaflet, based on Such a feast (published CTE 2001 - see below), offers groups the opportunity to ask, 'How are we nourished in our spiritual lives? We hope the group experience offered in this leaflet will help individuals to reflect on what has fed them listen to what has nourished others and consider what people hunger for today.   The leaflet is now out of print but a version suitable for printing as an A5 booklet may be downloaded here.
Such a feast can be ordered below.


A Harmony of Church Finance
A helpful guide in a puzzling area for all those who are trying to make local ecumenism work

ISBN 1 874295 28 X

£4.95 purchase

Baptism and Church Membership
Setting out the theological and practical issues with particular reference to Local Ecumenical Partnerships. 1997.
ISBN 1-874295-12-3
This publication, published in 1997, is currently out of print.  A copy may be downloaded here


Called to be One
This 2002 reprint retains the integrity and context of the original publication, and also includes for ease of reference the Report from the 1997 Forum to the Enabling Group of CTE, and a summary of documents and dialogues from 1997-2002.





Enriching Communion
This book aims to see how our understanding and experience of 'communion' can be broader and deeper and richer.

£4.95 purchase

Quotes Words and Dates
brings together under one cover well-known quotations from ecumenical texts, words which are used in the churches in different ways or with different nuances, and important dates in the ecumenical journey.

£3.00 purchase

Such a feast
A collection of essays from Churches in England explaining how they nourish their members spiritually, plus contributions from individuals and ecumenical organisations. An invaluable resource particularly for those wanting to learn more about the differences between the Churches. Edited by Judith Lampard. 2001. ISBN 1-874295-17-4


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Together Locally
A handbook for local churches seeking to work together, by Jenny Carpenter. 1998.
ISBN 1-874295-13-1

£5.95 purchase

Travelling Together
A handbook on Local Ecumenical Partnerships, by Elizabeth Welch and Flora Winfield. 1995, 2004.

ISBN 1-874295-09-3 Out of print


 click here for free PDF

Celebrating Women's Ministry
A booklet arising from the Women's Co-ordinating Group containing stories of women's ministry in different traditions

£1.00 purchase

Ecumenical Notes
A more specialised collection of practical material useful for County Ecumenical Officers but probably not for those working more locally. (Includes Constitutional Guidelines.)

Ecumenical Notes is also available on the website

CD £5.00


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Free Churches Group Constitution and By Laws
Copies of the full Constitution, including the Declaratory Doctrinal Statement and the By-Laws.
£2.00 purchase
Guidelines for the Review of Local Ecumenical Partnerships
A practical handbook, updated in 2002. These guildelines are now out of date because of changes to Charity Commission rules.  Up to date guildelines may be seen on this website within Ecumenical Notes
Under the Same Roof
Guidelines to the Sharing of Church Buildings Act 1969 out of print click here for information












































































































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