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The Work of the Free Churches  

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The Group Meeting

The meeting of representatives from each member denomination where the work is shaped and issues discussed.  (Members please login to access papers)


The Free Church Federal Council (Inc)

The legal Company and Charity with ultimate oversight of the finances and work.


The Moderator

A four-year office, elected by the Group, who represents the Group at national public functions and events. The Moderator usually chairs Directors meetings and offers patronage to a number of organisations.


Our Representation

Organisations with whom the Group is associated either through direct representation or through the patronage of the Moderator.


Issues of Concern

Most of the Group's concerns are shared more widely across the churches and issues are identified elsewhere on this site. Here are highlighted some particuarl issues with which the Free Churches are engaged.


Links with local FC Councils

Historically the Group has associated closely with, and sought to support, local Free Church Councils. These have largely been amalgamated with local 'Churches Together' groups. However, we keep links with those that remain.

Some Free Church Women's Councils also remain, running practical projects. The Directors manage some small endowments which offer grants to such projects.